Saturday, August 9, 2008

When the Second comes first...


"He's still the world number one" said Rafael Nadal after winning the Wimbledon this year. Now, this swashbuckling Spaniard is going to relieve Roger Federer from the number one position for the first time in four years. Roger Federer has been in the First position for 235 weeks while Nadal was the second for 185.

At the beginning of the year, there were talks about Federer being the first person to win six consecutive Wimbledons in the modern era but in the end it was Nadal to entered history books as the first since Bjorn Borg to win the French Open and the Wimbledon in the same year.

After steamrolling Federer for the French Open,they again clashed at Wimbledon with Nadal walking away with the honours. The final was epic and there was no shame in finishing second in a match where it was tennis which eventually won.

Nadal did not win the Cincinnati open and his run of 32 straight win was finally broken in the final. But that has only delayed the inevitable.

Vamos Rafa!! No. 1 finally!!


ketki said...

So u too r a tenis-o-maniac then?!

ayyo.... said...

Not exactly a Maniac, but yes this is a sport I do follow..
And the final was something I'd been a fool to miss.. :P

Anonymous said...

amazing story of Karna. I remember four lines when I was in 10th. Here Karna says to Krishan "Yu na upakshit mein hota, yu bhagya na mera sota agar janni ne ranchak bhi chhan hota, ghirna, anadar , triskriya, yeh meri karn kahani, suno dekho krishan, kya kahta en aakhan ka pani..."

Rajul Sharma